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    This unique two story container home was designed with entertaining in mind. Relax on the master bedroom deck in the morning and go to the top for an experiance your friends and family will love!

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  • Rooms:
    Room type Dimensions Area Level Length Width
    Master Bedroom 12' 4"x 16' 192 sq ft 2 12ft 4in 16ft
    Master Closet 7'' 6" x 4' 29 sq ft 2 4ft 7ft 6in
    Master Bath 8'x 7' 6" 40 sq ft 2 8ft 7ft 6in
    Bedroom 10' x 8' 80 2 10ft 8ft
    Bedroom 10' x 8' 80 2 10ft 8ft
    Living Room 9' x 16' 144 1 9ft 16ft
    Entertainment Area 25' x 16' 400 1 25ft 16ft

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Floor Plans

  • Floor plans and SketchUp File Examples:
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    floorplan2.webp 47.07 KB
    F7.webp 161.06 KB
    F5.webp 152.88 KB
    F6.webp 54.73 KB
    F4.webp 51.88 KB
    F3.webp 83.51 KB
    F2.webp 86.78 KB
    F1.webp 52.64 KB
This Design only $199.99 and will offer you a huge cost savings in time and money when designing either a one-off build or developments. Once payment is submitted to our company CloudRouted, LTD you will be ale to login to your account and download all of the source files. Most of the design source files are in excess of 700MB. With your purchase you will receive the following files:
  • Sketchup Source file - this will allow you to change the renditions you see on each of our designs. Many architects use Sketchup for 3D renderings and to help their clients understand a visual representation of the home before it is built and their floorplans.
  • High Quality Renditions - you will receive all the images you see on each listing in high resolution with our watermarks removed and are perfect for presentations and a very accurate representation of your new home.
  • Floor Plans - you will receive the floor plans shown on the site with our watermark removed
  • CAD Files - Some of the our designs offer CAD files which will allow you to change the floor plan as you see fit. We do plan on offering CAD files on all of the Designs in the future and if you purchase a design without the CAD file we will notify you through our customer portal when they become available and offer these as a download to you.
  • Purchase Price Credit - We have made an exclusive agreement with TopK USA and all of the Designs are made using the TopK USA Modules (similar to shipping containers) and interior finish offerings. If you notify TopK USA that you purchased the Design from Container Home Designs TopK USA will take your cost of the design and your other architectural fees off of their build price for you. TopK USA ships globally and can offer you the build anywhere in the world.

We offer all of our plans and designs under two different licenses:
  1. Personal Use - this license allows you to use the files for your own personal home and is not meant for resale.
  2. Professional Use - this license allows you to use the files for resale to clients and is meant for Architectural Firms and Professional Designers. ***WE DO NOT OFFER ANY OF OUR FILES FOR RESALE AS A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD - PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THIS

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